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Choose one or more of the following workshops to include in your training package. Sessions are usually delivered after hours, and typically run for 2-hours; however, content and timeframes can be adjusted based on the needs of your team, and the children in their care.

Understanding the Autism Spectrum

Increase your knowledge, skills, and confidence to support children with Autism in education and care, or other early childhood settings.


Two sessions:

  • Understanding Autism, and how it may impact participation and learning.

  • Strategies to support children with Autism and their families.

Positive behaviour support

Explore a child centered framework that supports challenging behaviour by finding the underlying need, or purpose it serves the child. Learn to analyse your observations, and plan strategies that focus on meeting children’s needs, teaching required skills, and creating environments that set children up for success.

Sensory processing & regulation

Build your understanding of all the senses and how our bodies process and respond to stimuli differently. Learn how sensory processing can impact the way children act, play, engage, and learn. Explore different ways to embed whole-group and individualised strategies to support self-regulation, engagement, and learning.

Play & social skills

In order to learn through play, children need to know how to play. Reflect on the developmental stages and types of play, and consider how the impact of Autism can affect learning. Explore ways to build joint attention, extend play skills and foster social skill development for children with Autism.

Implementing visual aids

Learn more about different types of visual aids, and ways to use them to support different needs. Explore ways to use visual supports consistently as a team, and as part of daily routines to support communication, improve participation, and foster independence for a range of children.

Services: Services - Training
Teamwork for embedded inclusive practice

Follow a structured coaching model and work together to clarify inclusion goals, explore options, and plan steps to implement strategies consistently and continuously to improve inclusive practice. Large teams can choose to participate in small-group coaching instead, allowing staff to plan goals for each learning environment or age group separately.

Reflection and planning for ongoing success

Reflect as a team on your progress, celebrate achievements - big and small, and plan together for continuous improvement of inclusive practice. Explore ways to create ongoing opportunity to plan together, and to sustain the implementation of chnaged pratices, and resources across the program.

Services: Services - Coaching

Ongoing consultancy and mentoring provide opportunity to consolidate every educator’s capability to embed inclusive practices into their routines. Regular visits to your service allow for practical, hands-on support and advice to educators within their care environment. Support strategies are modelled, and staff guided with the implementation of resources and new strategies. Virtual consultations are available for short, video-based sessions focused on guidance and advice on specific activities, challenges, or questions educators may have.

Services: Services - Consultancy

Handy tools, templates, and resources are provided during training, coaching and mentoring services. A tailored set of ready-made visual supports, and electronic copies for future use, can also be included. 

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